Ethical Fashion 

Like you all guys know, there is always the good side and the bad side of literally everything. Even Fashion has a dark side. I, personally, never wanted to admit that before, even though I was really aware of the ugly truth. But because I’m passionate about fashion and I always think of it like it’s the most perfect industry, I chose to ignore the other side of Fashion.

But today, I think it’s my responsibility as a writer/influencer and I think it’s Maft’s responsibility too, to address this very important topic and educate people about Ethical/Sustainable Fashion. That’s why we chose this topic to be our theme for the month. Here is a short introduction/sneak peek on what we’re going to talk about in the upcoming days and we’re going to start introducing this topic by explaining two main keywords :


It basically concerns human rights. , we need to ask questions like :

How was the clothing made?

What were the working conditions/situation of the people who made them?

Were they paid fairly?

Ethical fashion is really all about making sure that the people that are making your clothes are being paid fairly and work in good conditions.



It concerns the environment and questions like this should be asked :

What fabrics were used to make the garments?

Does the production of the clothing effects the environment?

Are the dyes used safely?

Can we reduce the use of energy while making clothes?

Can we make clothes out of recycled materials?

So to be more clear, sustainable fashion is defending the environment and having said that, it also defends animal rights.

So we need you to remember these two words very well because we’re gonna go more in-depth and more into details in the next articles.

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