The top accessories trends Spring/Summer 2019

By Zeineb TR
Wearing trendy clothing and looking fashionable is really great however clothes must be punctuated with featured and distinguished accessories; there is always an imposing outlook in the details.
They are essential to complete a garment and to give importance to your personal style, taste, and preferences.
A purse, necklace, scarf or hat may not seem really effective by itself but when merged with clothes they help to create a magnificent harmony to your style.
For that reason, MAFTfashion is trying to highlight some of the top accessories trends for the upcoming seasons:

Head accessories :
Bucket and baker boy hats:


                                                          Baker boy hats

                                               Source: (edited)


                                                                Bucket hats

                                                                           Source: Cosmopolitan 

Yes! These 90s accessories are coming back again and they’re hitting the pick this summer. They’re adding a fabulous touch to diversified looks.

Bucket hats are looking modish when they are matched with looser fitted clothes such as relaxed jeans, swingy t-shirts, and over-sized blazers.
And if you’d like to pick up a baker boy cap, look for a wool or leather style with a sober tone, like black, grey or nude.

Sporty caps:
For the fans of the athletic style, the trend of wearing sporty caps still going on for these reasons:

                                                                                             Bey&Bey’s cap

image6                                                                                            Source:

Even the veiled ones can be putting it on upon a jersey or muslin veils mingling it with beautiful spring’s colors, it will look very stylish and stunning!


Headscarves and turbans:


Another easier and more effortless way to stuff up your wardrobe with stylish spring and summer outfits: is wrapping your head with a scarf completing your look and adding drama and freshness at the same time!
Bags :

Belt Bag:


                                                                                                Banana belt-bags

It’s also called “bum bag” or “fanny-pack”, this trend is expanding every corner of the fashion world and it’s still going strong.
This accessory is extremely useful and you can wear it with different styles, for instance, it’s very practical and safe to hold a belt bag when you’re going on a sun holiday or backpacking trip or even with a polished dress or a chic suit, it will look classy and modern.
Have you tested it out yet? 

XXL tote VS shrunken purse :
Those inversed bags’ styles are rocking the fashion runways for the spring/summer 2019:

image15-1200x675                                                                                                                     XXL totes

The gigantic bags are really effective if you are a person who likes to pack up all your stuff together when hanging out.
And if you don’t need to carry more than your phone and credit card, just hold a small-sized cutie handbag with your favorite design.

                                                                                                          Shrunken purses

“Artisan-made” bags :
It’s good news for the big fans of the “Natural material-made” bags who like to add a touch of lightness to their outfits.


Owning a woven, wooden, palm or straw purse is like carrying nature on your shoulders!
These bags are your best go-to accessory for summer days or for an adventurous weekend away.
If you’re looking to update more your wardrobe, check out here some of these delightful items from Supersoukshop.

image13-1200x675                                                                                                           Palm bags

                                                                                                Source: Supersouk


                                                                                               Leather and wooden bags                                                   

                                                                                                   Source: Supersouk

Shoes trends
Square toe shoes:
The retro-style is going viral, square-toe shoes are one of the trends you should consider for the upcoming season after winter ends.
The classic shape of square shoes makes you feel very comfortable and cozy because it provides enough space for your toes.

                                                                                         Fendi’s shoe runway SS19

The chunky Sneakers:
Sneakers have been chosen as the most desirable fashionistas’ footwear for these last seasons, they look very casual and easygoing.
However, this season sneakers take a turn toward the futuristic and inventive design such as the metallic, multi-colored, animal printed, and the “see-through” ones.

                                                                            Source: (edited)

Sculptural heels:
Undoubtedly, this trend is going to take over the entire fashion scenes.
Sculptural heels are not just wearable shoes but they look like a creative sculpture, combining between the artistic and innovative design and the serious style. They will boost your everyday look with a refined touch.

                                                                             Source: (edited)

They’ve also appeared in many fantastic shapes:

Stay tuned for the next part of the top accessories trends SS19.

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