Where to find the best Tunisian local accessories

By Rim F.
The first exposition to completely dedicate its efforts to promoting the “consume Tunisian” movement was in 2018. In fact; the exposition center “ Be Tounsi” had its hand-made artisan event in April 2018.
That is to say that, Tunisian artisans have gained a great deal of momentum since the overwhelming flow of multinational brands in Tunisia since 2014.
However, most of the people would definitely love to discover the incredible artifacts of this movement, but, the question remains; how do we find these accessories without being ruined, or without wearing the same bracelet that everyone has been wearing. Yes, that particular big fashion accessory brand has probably sold over 10000 examples all over Tunisia, so you’re far from being unique.
If you’re busy enough to miss out on that one or two-days artisans accessory exposition,
MAFT is definitely coming to the rescue with our best local stores or events to check out:

1.Vaccum-attics or Bake/garage sales :
I remember a time where Tunisian social media communities would come together and organize garage sales in masses. Remembering back the big hype, it was in 2017 that garage sales were the most-anticipated event of the weekend.
Contrary to the one-time / two-times max scheduling of artisan expositions, Local garage sales are events whose scheduling is much more laid-back and frequent. Most importantly, you cannot miss out on local artisans as it is perfect for you to get the best deal in terms of price.
The most notable and famous vacuum-attics are those happening in the sea suburbs like La Marsa, Sousse or again in Ezzahra.
Upcoming one: Vide Grenier MamZ: 31st of March, at L’olivier La Soukra.
Remember that the online so-called vide Grenier take out all the fun of interacting with artisans face-to-face. Plus, you’re more prone to be scammed with online interactions.


2. Concept stores :
We’ve made again and again clear that we had an ongoing love affair with concept stores. Well, concept stores are best to find unique accessory pieces with funky colors and one-of-a-kind style. Just to name a few: SUPERSOUK, Dokken ..
Want to know more about them? check out our last concept store discovery here.

3.La Medina, Tunis :
I’ve left this one ‘till last because I’m an avid believer in “ Leave the best for last “. Most of us take for granted the hidden gems of our local artisans in La Medina, the center of Tunis.
The smell of leather, the artisans’ sounds working their way with a bracelet are not the only reasons why I love being there. The handcrafted leather goods that you can find on there are usually unique pieces that you can personalize with your name or initials.
This article is shamelessly calling out people who are accessorizing their outfits with big brands’ items and not looking for local uniqueness around them.
MAFT is onboard with “ consommez tunisien” in Fashion; Forever and always.

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